Manufacturing Accounting Research Conference 2016

"Using Cost and Performance Management Systems to Drive Innovation”

Lisbon, Portugal, June 15-17, 2016

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The Manufacturing Accounting Research (MAR) Conference is a biennial conference at which worldwide scholars, researchers and practitioners debate on control, cost and performance management related issues in a wide range of business organizations, both in manufacturing and service. Previous conferences have been held in Eindhoven (1993), Bruges (1995), Edinburgh (1997), Kolding (1999), Pisa (2001), Twente (2003), Tampere (2005), Trento (2007), Münster (2009), Ghent (2010), Helsinki (2012) and Copenhagen (2014).

The Lisbon 2016 conference continues and evolves themes established in previous conferences. A direct engagement with operational processes has always been a central feature in the academic papers presented at the MAR conference. The Lisbon 2016 conference continues to welcome papers with a strong operational orientation. Such papers could relate, for example, to the use of cost and performance management systems in, sales, marketing, advanced manufacturing technology contexts, customer-supplier relationships and networks.

Full papers intended for presentation at concurrent sessions should be submitted by March 15, 2016.

Papers should be submitted through the website.